Board member profiles

The IVSC is grateful for the time and dedication offered by more than 90 volunteer board members.  These board members are leaders in their fields, with expertise in every aspect of the valuation process. 

Many come from national or regional standard-setting bodies; some are leaders of valuation professional organisations (VPOs); some work in, or have represented governments at the highest levels; others come from financial regulatory authorities and firms providing valuation professional services; and some are globally recognised academics.  

Without the breadth and calibre of expertise represented across the IVSC's boards, there would be no International Valuation Standards. Equally, by virtue of this resource, the International Valuation Standards are held in the highest regard throughout the world and acknowledged to represent international best practice, drawn on the experience of those at the forefront of the profession.

Board members are appointed through an open and transparent process, with an independent nominations committee responsible for the approval of board members.  Appointments are made on three-year terms.  To ensure the integrity of the standards, board members are appointed in an independent capacity and not as representatives of firms or other organisations with which they may be affiliated.

Some boards bring together leading experts to advance and consult on the technical drafting of the standards, such as the Tangible Assets Board, Business Valuation Board and Financial Instruments Board.  Some boards provide an oversight, strategy and quality assurance role, such as the Board of Trustees and the Standards Review Board; and other boards are focused on market outreach and support for the valuation profession as IVS is embedded, such as the MSRB, Europe Board and the Advisory Forum.

Today, board members come from more than 30 countries and six continents. Collectively, they have first-hand experience of valuation systems, standards and norms in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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IVSC board members share insights into their backgrounds and motivations for joining the IVSC as a volunteer board member.


Richard Stewart, Business Valuation Board, Syndey, Australia - Click to read Richard's profile

Diana Nikolaeva-Mitrovska, Business Valuation Board, Sofia, Bulgaria - Click to read Diana's profile

Jan Marek, Business Valuation Board, Prague, Czech Republic - Click to read Jan's profile

Dirk Hennig, Tangible Assets Board, Berlin, Germany - Click to read Dirk's profile

Soltan Aljorais, Standards Recognition Board, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Click to read Soltan's profile

Dr. Marc Broekema, Europe Board, Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Click to read Marc's profile

Olesya Perepechko, Europe Board, Moscow, Russia - Click to read Olesya's profile

Christian Luft, Europe Board, London, United Kingdom - Click to read Christian's profile

Kim Hildebrandt, Tangible Assets Board, Melbourne, Australia - Click to read Kim's profile

Brendan Gallagher, Tangible Assets Board, Toronto, Canada - Click to read Brendan's profile