Board of Trustees

The IVSC Board of Trustees comprises world leaders from the feilds of valuation, accounting, regulation, standard-setting, government, banking and investment.  Trustees have extensive and high-profile backgrounds in internaitonal business, drawing on this vast collective experience to guide and advance the work of the IVSC.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance, strategic direction and funding of the IVSC and for appointments to and oversight of the technical boards.  Trustees are elected by the IVSC's members and are appointed for a term of three years with the potential to carry out two consecutive terms.

Trustees are the most senior ambassadors of the IVSC and often undertake high-level engaements including regular meetings with government, business and regulatory leaders throughout the world.


Advisory Forum Working Group Trustee liaison: Mark Gerold

Audit Committee: Christian Mouillon (Chairman), Alan Johnson, Tom Seidenstein, Tatsumi Yamada

Executive Committee: Sir David Tweedie (Chairman), Christian Mouillon, Ethiopis Tafara

Membership Committee: Mark Gerold (Chairman), Zhang Guochun, Lee Hackett (former Trustee), Jeanette Koger (Membership & Standards Recognition Board), Nick Talbot (IVSC CEO), Eric Teo (Chair, Membership & Standards Recognition Board)

Nominating Committee: Lee Hackett (Chairman/former Trustee), Roel Campos (former Trustee), Mark Gerold, Jens Røder (former Trustee), Ethiopis Tafara