Susan DuRoss
United States of America

Susan DuRoss oversees global valuations at Harvest Investments. She ensures that all Harvest prices and levels are fully transparent and derived in accordance with FASB ASC 820 or applicable framework for use in financial reporting. Susan is responsible for the development and maintenance of Harvest’s transparent pricing methodologies and report deliverables. Working in close cooperation with clients, she ensures that their individual needs are met as she helps them navigate the complexities of financial markets and reporting requirements.

Susan serves on the PCAOB Pricing Sources Task Force, the AICPA Financial Instruments Task Force, and the IVSC Financial Instruments Governance Group. She presents at industry conferences and has also appeared as a panelist for the PCAOB Standard Advisory Group. Susan closely monitors guidance from FASB, GASB, AICPA, IFRS, and the PCAOB, ensuring that Harvest meets all existing and proposed requirements for a valuation specialist.

Prior to joining Harvest, Susan traded mortgage and asset-backed securities for William Blair & Co. in Chicago. She maintained an inventory of bonds and coordinated the issuance and sales of various structured products, giving her insight into the valuation methodologies that led to the 2007 financial crisis. To mitigate future risk, Susan emphasizes a risk-based approach to valuation that is independent, transparent, and addresses the contractual and performance features of each financial instrument.

Susan received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.