Tangible Assets Standards Board
Molefi Kubuzie
South Africa

Molefi is registered as a full professional property Valuer with over fifteen years of practical experience in undertaking various forms and types of property valuations ranging from commercial retail shopping centres, residential, offices, municipal valuations, farms, administration of estates, rental determinations and replacement cost valuations for churches non - income generating properties and Valuations of servitudes.
Molefi was appointed as Director Property Valuations in the Department of Public Works and performed property valuations on behalf of government, presenting and defending the valuations at the Valuations Board. He served as a director for numerous property valuations of private companies and was responsible mainly for commercial valuations. Molefi has undertaken valuation work in the following Countries:

• United States of America – Residential Properties
• Portugal – Madeira
• Kenya – Embassy Offices
• Botswana – Residential Properties
• Tanzania – Vacant Office Space

Molefi also served as the President of the South African Property Valuers Profession for eight (8) years and made inputs into legislative amendment relating to the Property Valuers Act in South Africa.