Tangible Assets Standards Board
Ben Elder Chairman
United Kingdom

Ben is responsible for delivery of the RICS Global Valuation Strategy which has a key role to play in securing global financial stability through participation by the RICS in the development and application of International Valuation Standards. Ben is well qualified for this role as an Economist and a Chartered Surveyor and he has a particular interest is the interface of the economy and property markets.

Ben has been a practising valuer and respected academic holding senior positions at Nottingham Trent University and The College of Estate Management. Ben joined the RICS as Global Director of Valuation in 2011 having served on various RICS Boards including International Governing Council as an elected World Representative.

In recognition of Ben’s expertise, in 2016 he was selected to Chair the IVSC Tangible Assets Standards Board and be a member of the overarching IVSC Standards Board. This appointment follows influential periods as a member of the Global Advisory Forum for The Appraisal Foundation in the USA as well as the Advisory Forum Executive to the IVSC.