Institutional Members

Membership of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is open to not-for-profit entities to include but not be limited to government agencies and regulators, and national valuation standard setters.

Applicants should provide details of their legal structure and, where appropriate, place of registration, together with a brief description of the entity’s field of activity, and in particular, activities in fields related to valuation. The application must be accompanied by a statement explaining the motivation for the application.

Membership is open to entities that:

  1. Promote the consistent application of high quality valuation practices worldwide, including the use of International Valuation Standards (IVS)
  1. Support convergence of national valuation standards with IVS
  1. Demonstrate financial and operational viability to continue to meet the obligations of membership including the payment of IVSC member dues
  1. Agree to meet the IVSC’s membership obligations.

Institutional membership application form download

Membership Dues (from April 2020):

Institutional membership is based on World Bank classification, according to the following:

 Low Income Lower Middle Income Upper Middle Income  High Income 
 GBP £860  GBP £2,140 GBP £4,285 GBP £8,570