The IVSC Standards Board has taken a significant step forward towards its goal of deepening the International Valuation Standards to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide much needed clarity and market efficiency.

The Board has finalised Exposure Drafts of the chapters that will form IVS 2017. The Board invites you to comment and give feedback on these Exposure Drafts, listed below.

Exposure Drafts Consultation with comment letter deadline 31 August 2016:

The Standards Board welcomes Comment Letters within a 90-day period (in accordance with the IVSC's Bylaws). Individuals, firms, organizations, regulators, companies and others are encouraged to provide feedback to ensure the revised chapters meet market needs. All comments received as part of the consultation process will be published on the IVSC website and will be considered by the Standards Board.

Comments are requested from those who agree with the proposed standards as well as from those who have suggestions for improvement. Feedback is most helpful if comments are detailed and specific. Those who disagree with the proposed standards are requested to suggest alternatives supported by specific reasoning.

The Board looks forward to your participation in the consultation process in advance of issuing IVS 2017 in late 2016.

Please click here to view the IVS 2017 Consultation page on the IVSC's website for further details on IVS 2017. You can click on the 'Documents' tab to download the Exposure Drafts.

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