The Standards Board had a conference call on 23 November and is in the process of revising IVS 2013. The Board has been working with the technical authors Alexander Aronsohn, Adam Smith and Peter Melvin on drafting IVS 104 Bases of Value and is also in the process of drafting IVS 105 Valuation Approaches, Intangible Assets and Liabilities, all of which were identified as initial gap topics required as a result of changing market forces and greater regulatory scrutiny of our profession.

In respect of the gap analysis, the Board would welcome any feedback in relation to proposed additions to IVS 2013 and in the first instance request that any proposed amendments or additions are sent directly to the Technical Authors (aaronsohn@ivsc.org and amsmith@ivsc.org).

The Board has also agreed a draft work programme for IVS 2016 and is planning for the IVS 2016 Exposure Draft to go into consultation in Q2/Q3 2016. There will be a 90 day consultation process and further to the comments received as part of the consultation process the Board is planning to publish IVS 2016 in the latter half of Q4 2016.

The Board is also considering putting some of the new chapters into consultation prior to this date to ensure that stakeholders have sufficient time to give full consideration to any suggested changes.

In respect of Financial Instruments, there was positive feedback from the recent meeting with the Basel Committee. IVSC is in the process of scheduling a Financial Instruments Roundtable for Regulators for the end of January to define and agree FI issues, and how these should be taken forward by different stakeholder groups.

Finally the Standards Board would like to wish all IVSC members and valuation professionals well over the holiday season. The Board is looking forward to working with you all in the New Year on IVS 2016.


In light of the newly agreed approach, we are looking for applications for positions on the Standards Review Board and the underpinning Tangible Assets Board and Business Valuation Board.

Financial Instruments will follow depending the outcome of the January Regulator roundtable, though we already have significant expertise in this area.

We are also looking for applications for the Membership and Standards Recognition Board Chair, as well as VPO nominations for the 8 VPO positions which form that board.

More details can be found for these on the IVSC website. The deadline for applications is 28 January 2016.

Also if you would like to be part of the Nominations Committee reviewing applications, please express your interest by email to application@ivsc.org by 28 January 2016.


In line with the newly agreed approach, we are starting the recruitment process for a new CEO and a Standards Quality Director.

If you are interested, or know anyone who would be a great addition to the IVSC and its leadership, please click here to see the job specs and how to apply.

We will accept applications until 14 February 2016. We hope to be able to announce further positions at some point after we have filled these key leadership roles.