Latest updates from the Standards Board 

Many of you will have seen that we have posted the redline version of International Valuation Standards (IVS) 2017 on our website.

The redline version shows the changes made since the consultation drafts. As you can clearly see in the document, the Standards Board made significant amendments following the great insights and comments from many different stakeholders around the world.

As with any consultation, different views were expressed. The Standards Board reviewed these closely and made decisions based on what it considers to be the best approach. The majority of views from stakeholders aligned and the feedback to the changes has been largely positive.

The Standards Board is agreeing final amendments and IVS 2017 will be with the publishers shortly with the aim of launching it in the second week of January. We will also produce a “basis of conclusions” document soon after which outlines the reasoning behind some of the changes.

New approach to providing IVS 2017 and IVSOnline

We are grateful to the different members and sponsors for their support and input to IVS 2017. We are offering all members and sponsors a free soft copy of IVS 2017 which they can provide for free to their valuation professionals, be they members or employees.

Our significant sponsors will also be given complimentary access to IVSOnline for their members and employees.

The costs to IVSC of producing and storing hard copy IVS has increased significantly over recent years. Consequently, the price of hard copy versions of IVS 2017 will be higher. However, this will be less than the price of IVS 2013 together with the associated Technical Information Papers.

Many organisations have asked if they can translate IVS 2017 and we are very much in favour of this and will provide links to translated versions. Where organisations share the same language we encourage them to work together to agree one translation.

Copyright agreements are available by writing to

IVSC at Saudi Arabia valuation conference

Nick Talbot, CEO of IVSC, spoke at Taqeem’s conference for valuers in the Middle East in November. Taqeem is based in Saudi Arabia and is one of the leading VPOs in the region. The conference attracted 1,100 registrants and was a major success.

Taqeem and IVSC entered into a new commercial agreement for IVS 2017 in relation to publishing and training in Arabic.

Taqeem is kindly providing IVS 2017 in Arabic for the entire region. Two key Saudi ministers spoke at the conference and Nick had the privilege of attending a private meeting with the Minister of Commerce Dr Al Qasabi, along with other valuation leaders. 

Register for OIV's business valuation conference in Italy   

Every year OIV, the Italian valuation standard setter and a key sponsor of IVSC, arranges an international business valuation conference at Bocconi University, Milan. The conference boasts speakers with a strong experience in the field from around the world.

This year the conference, "New techniques, new standards, new developments of the Business Valuation Profession", will be held on 16 January 2017. The conference will see speakers from France (Gilles De Courcel), Germany (Wolfgang Ballwieser), Italy (Mauro Bini), Netherlands (Henk Oostershout), Singapore (Eric Teo) and USA (Jim Hitchner, Nancy Fannon, Gil Matthews and Adam Smith).

You can attend the conference for free. Participation from across Europe is encouraged.

To register, visit the OIV website.

IVSC 2017 AGM 

The IVSC 2017 AGM will be sponsored and hosted by INDAABIN in Mexico City.

Further to feedback from INDAABIN we are proposing moving the IVSC AGM to 2 - 4 October instead of the following week to avoid local holidays and facilitate a conference and other meetings alongside this.

If this is going to cause any issues please let us know by 7 January via

New members

Further to review of applications to the Membership Committee the following new members are proposed:

Institutional Membership:

  • International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV)

VPO Membership:

  • Institute of Valuers, India (IOV)

Please contact the IVSC directly if you have any comment regarding these.

Happy holidays! 

To those of you who do take holidays at this time of year we wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2017.

Spotlight on Valuation Leaders - Dan Brewer, President of the Appraisal Institute of Canada

This month Nick Talbot speaks to Dan Brewer about trends in valuation and current challenges for the valuation profession.

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