This year’s AGM took place in Paris along with meetings of the Standards Board, Professional Board, and a highly interactive Advisory Forum who arranged a number of interesting seminars and roundtable discussions. There was a very positive and constructive atmosphere as professionals from across the world came together to further the valuation profession.

The Chairman, Sir David Tweedie, has been appointed for a further term of three years, and the new approach for the IVSC was unanimously agreed at the AGM. The new strategy will soon be available on the IVSC website. We look forward to working together to bring the profession closer across the world with a focus on quality, confidence and recognition of IVS.

We are putting together a Nominating Committee with representatives from the Trustees, VPOs and a sponsor to help select new members for the different IVSC boards. Further communication will be available shortly asking for applications but if you would like to register your interest in a board role please do contact us and we will make sure you are considered.

Thanks to everyone who participated particularly those on the Advisory Forum, the Standards Board and the Professional Board and their respective chairmen - John Martin, Steve Sherman and Greg Forsythe - who dedicated a lot of time and energy to make theIVSC and the VPOs a success.


The Standards Board met on the 14th and 15th October at the IVSC’s AGM in Paris. The Board discussed the International Valuation Standards gap analysis undertaken over the summer as part of implementing recommendations from the Independent Review Report (issued last spring).

the gap analysis identified areas in IVS 2013 to expand as suggested by the Review Report driven by changing market forces and greater regulatory scrutiny of our profession. Accordingly, the Board reviewed skeleton outlines for Bases of Value, Intangibles Assets and Liabilities which were identified as initial gap topics.

Steve Sherman, Alexander Aronsohn and Adam Smith presented to the Advisory Forum Working Group (AFWG) on the Standard Setting Process for IVS 2016. A vote was taken during the AFWG’s meeting and the process was unanimously agreed.

The Standards Board is excited to continue to work closely with the AFWG and other primary and secondary stakeholders. This will ensure enhancement of IVS 2013 that will meet market needs. This more extensive approach to increasing depth and relevance means that IVS 2016 will not be available until Q3/Q4 2016 at the earliest.


In the last few weeks, we have gained excellent media coverage for three IVSC Board Members covering a variety of valuation topics highlighting their leadership across the valuation profession. You can read the articles by clicking on the links below. 


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Please let us know if you have had an article published or would like help getting your thoughts published on important valuation issues.