IVSC today announces the upcoming launch of the International Valuation Standards 2017 (IVS) in Arabic, which will benefit all Arabic-speaking valuation professionals.

The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM), the regulator for the valuation profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has created the Arabic translation of the 2017 edition of IVS. Taqeem, as a member of the IVSC, has been working on the localisation of the standards and introducing it to all Arabic-speaking valuers since its initiation.

IVS 2017 in Arabic will be launched by the Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment on 18 December 2017.

Taqeem has previously translated IVS 2011 and the updated 2013 version. In the last three years, over 2,700 people have attended the Arabic IVS course which Taqeem provided in KSA, Kuwait, Dubai and Cairo as a part of its accreditation programme.

The Arabic translation was carried out by the translation department at Taqeem headed by Hanan Aldail, who worked on the previous IVS releases, along with Ahmed Sabry, FRICS, advisor to Taqeem and the head of Taqeem Academy and Valuation Consultancy Center. Mr Sabry is also a member of IVSC’s Standard Review Board and the RICS valuation board for MENA region.

Hanan Aldail, Head Translator at Taqeem, said, “The translation of IVS required vast knowledge of various valuation disciplines. Due to the scarcity of Arabic content on this topic, a considerable amount of time and effort was allocated for researching to provide a comprehensive language used by the practitioners in the market.”

Nick Talbot, CEO of IVSC, added: “Taqeem has demonstrated real leadership for the valuation profession in Arabic speaking countries and I thank Taqeem for spearheading initiatives to improve valuation standards in the MENA region. The release of the International Valuation Standards 2017 in Arabic is another important step towards achieving our aim of bridging the gap between regional valuation practice and international expertise.”

By releasing the new version of the International Valuation Standards, Taqeem is taking another step towards achieving its mission which aims to issue, develop and apply the standards, principles and ethics of the valuation profession. The translation will hasten the transformation of valuation practice in KSA and the Arabic speaking countries to a fully-fledged profession.

The Arabic version of IVS 2017 will be available on Taqeem website via this link: www.taqeem.gov.sa