A message from Nick Talbot, IVSC's interim CEO: 

My name is Nick Talbot and I have been interim CEO for the IVSC since the start of June on a part time basis. My background is 13 years in a variety of international, senior management roles at Ernst & Young and KPMG before then going on to join RICS as a Director almost 4 years ago where I spend a significant amount of my time advising on approaches to achieving Valuation Professionalism. I am excited to be helping Sir David and the Trustees reposition IVSC for further success in the future.

Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome and the open constructive dialogue we have been able to have, it is really appreciated. So far I have met or had calls with the Board of Trustees, the Standards Board, the Professional Board, the Advisory Forum Working Group, many of the sponsors and also many VPOs from all regions of the world. Most recently, I attended the VPO CEOs meeting hosted by the Appraisal Institute and American Society of Appraisers in the US – thanks to both organisations for this. It has been great to speak to so many of you one on one as well. I have been particularly encouraged by those of you wanting to provide more support for the future.

Three key things that I would like to see IVSC achieve are:

   1) Creating the best quality standards which provide international consistency, transparency and confidence to users;

    2) Global adoption of these standards by government and national bodies, VPOs and the private sector; and

     3) Increase the status of the valuation profession for VPOs and their membership

We are putting together draft plans for the future of IVSC taking into account the Review Recommendations and the value IVSC needs to deliver. These plans will continue to be adapted as we receive your feedback on the review. The consultation is open until the end of August but any comments in advance of that would be greatly appreciated, I know many of you intend to respond and I thank you for that. The proposed approach will be presented at the October AGM in Paris where I hope to see many of you again in person.

We now have a part-time team in place formed of myself, Danuta Wojtowicz (Finance & Admin Manager – IVSC), Janet Smy (PA to the Chairman - IVSC), Adam Smith (Business Valuation - PwC), Alex Aronsohn (Real Estate – RICS), Peter Melvin (FinanciaI Instruments – EY) and Ken Creighton (Strategy Advisor – RICS). We would welcome further resource, particularly technical skills for the future.

In addition to the plans for the future the team and I are also involved in running the day to day business of the IVSC and an update on some of this activity is included below in this ENews.

Valuation affects almost everyone in some way, it is an absolutely fundamental part of everything from buying a house through to valuing a business through to valuation of complex financial instruments as well as underpinning financial reporting. Much more, however, needs to be done to provide confidence through global alignment of quality standards and to give greater status to the valuation profession as a whole – I believe that if we can work better together as the IVSC with our members and sponsors, we can go a long way to achieving this.

If you would like to contact me my direct email is ntalbot@ivsc.org