Geospatial analytics and PropTech business, City Performer, recently joined the IVSC network as a Corporate Member.  Their aim is to support the valuation profession with insights that enhance the information relied upon by valuers when carrying out their work.

Upon their installation as a new member of the IVCS’s network, City Performer is offering two months’ free access to their platform for valuation professionals employed or accredited by IVSC member organisations.

IVSC member organisations and their affiliates, including employees and qualified members can access this free service by emailing the team at City Performer and using the reference 'IVSC - CP'.

We spoke to City Performer’s Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Levarsky, to learn more about their business and how they think it can help valuers:


Hi Daniel, how would you sum up City Performer?

City Performer is the 6th sense for property valuers and real estate professionals providing location KPIs for smarter real estate decisions. City Performer applies unique algorithms to evaluate quality of a location and its impact on property value according to quality of environment, well-being, safety, mobility, services, free time activities, property sale and rental prices and many other attributes.

All these attributes form one location index that provides quantified score for every location. Index indicators are composed of individual measures, for instance quality of environment is indicated by availability of parks and greenery, air quality, noise from roads; mobility is indicated by accessibility of parking, transport and micro mobility (i.e. bikesharing); or services by availability of healthcare, education, shopping and public services.

In addition, City Performer analyzes other location’s facilities and features as cellular network and WiFi coverage and location’s geological conditions and geohazards as floods, earthquakes or landslides.

City Performer is intuitive and easy to use. Valuers receive location analytics within a few seconds after inserting an address of a property. All performed location analytics can be retrieved anytime and can be downloaded or shared through a hyperlink. City Performer uses earth observation data, data from web mapping application and open data portals, and IoT data.


How do you anticipate it will assist valuers in their work?

Location plays an essential role when determining property value. City Performer aims to simplify the work of valuers through aggregating all necessary data for appraisals and providing instantly available location analytics. The analytics and visualizations of relevant spatial data enhance valuers’ understanding of locational influences on value. We are constantly updating data and upgrading analytics thus our partners receive as much value as possible.


What geographic/sectoral markets do your services cover?

City Performer is currently available in London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava. We respond promptly to feedbacks and demands from our clients and we are ready to expand to other cities in a very short time. We are mainly addressing property valuers, real estate agents, and real estate developers.

How did the City Performer platform come about and who are its architects?

Two years ago, we have recognized that location quality is often underestimated when buying or investing in a property due to difficulty to quantify impact of a location on property value. We have developed City Performer to depict the exact indicators that influence location quality and thus property value.

City Performer has been developed by THERE, s.r.o., a startup based in Bratislava, Slovakia, specialized in geospatial analytics and PropTech solutions, founded by Peter Augustin and Daniel Levarsky. We have partnered with Czech-based Smart City Innovations Institute, a group of renowned urbanists, who supported us in creating precise algorithmic models to evaluate quality of a location.


How do you think the clients of valuers can benefit from the application?

City Performer is built on the 3 pillars: accuracy, reliability and transparency. With City Performer, valuers can provide appraisals much faster due to instant availability of high quality data and analytics, which saves time and money. Moreover, when delivering appraisals to clients, valuers can always refer to City Performer and demonstrate to them how an appraisal has been made. City Performer is a competitive advantage for valuers enabling them to work more effectively.

Please explore more at For all IVSC members we are granting a free of charge access to City Performer for 2 months. To claim free of charge access, please register at and send us an email at referencing 'IVSC - CP'.