Due to the ongoing challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions in some parts of the world the IVSC AGM will take place as a virtual programme again this year.  The AGM programme will run from 21-28 October and will include meetings of the IVSC's technical and membership boards, thematic webinars, and the Trustee-led formal AGM meeting.  You can register below to join aspects of this programme.

This year has seen the publication of the IVSC's Agenda Consultation which will guide the work of the IVSC's standard-setting boards over the coming three-year period.  In July we also issued an update to the International Valuation Standards, reflecting feedback consultations run during 2019/20.  Several boards have welcomed new experts and the IVSC network of member organisations has grown by 26 to 173 organisations from around the world. The global backdrop has created challenges and new opportunities for the valuation profession in equal measure, with disruption to almost every aspect of business and working life, and an unparalleled yearning for confidence in asset values from the users of valuation professional services. Against this backdrop, the IVSC is delighted to welcome constituents from across the valuation world to reflect on the key drivers and trends shaping the future of valuation.

Some aspects of the programme are restricted to IVSC sponsor/member organisations, or representatives of those organisations. Other aspects are open to anyone with an interest in valuation and the work of the IVSC.

For further information on any aspect of this AGM programme please contact Richard Stokes - rstokes@ivsc.org 


Register to join the IVSC Virtual AGM 2021


CEO's of IVSC's sponsor and member organisations are invited to join the IVSC CEO, Chair of the Board of Trustees and other board representatives for an update on current and planned IVSC activities. 

This webinar will explore the recently published UNHABIT guidance on the valuation of unregistered land, a piece of work that the IVSC and a number of other international organisations have been involved in.  The session will include insights from the experts involved in drafting the new manual. Open to anyone.

Despite the importance of intangible assets to the capital markets, only a small percentage are recognised on balance sheets. As many current business models have evolved over decades, namely, to rely more heavily on intangible assets, the standards to report on such activity have not. As a result, the economics and the reporting standards have become misaligned. Join the IVSC and a panel of international experts as we discuss the consequences of this misalignment and explore opportunities to better align financial reporting standards with the role of intangible assets in the modern economy.

This webinar will explore the recently published IVSC Perspectives paper on ESG and Tangible Asset Valuation and how ESG’s can be quantified within valuation of existing assets. 

The IVSC Advisory Forum - which brings together representatives of all IVSC member organisations will host a meeting to discuss projects for the year ahead, and to share insights on the evolution of the valuation profession throughout the world. Open to representatives of IVSC member organisations only. 

The IVSC Standards Review Board - the board that oversees the technical standards issued by the IVSC - will host a public meeting to provide updates on current work programmes. Chairs of the Business Valuation Board, Tangible Assets Board and the Financial Instruments Board will also provide updates. Open to anyone.

The formal AGM meeting will include a report from the Board of Trustees and the IVSC CEO.  Open to representatives of IVSC sponsor and member organisations only.