International accounting and advisory firm, Mazars, which provides a range of financial advisory services, including a full range of valuation services, to its clients throughout the world, has become a sponsor of the International Valuation Standards Council.

As the not-for-profit global standard setter, the IVSC relies on the support of its sponsors to set International Valuation Standards, and to advance the global valuation profession in the public interest. Collectively, the IVSC’s sponsors are helping to build trust in valuation by enhancing confidence in valuation data which is integral to business, investors and to the financial system at large.

IVSC sponsors, which include global service providers, valuation professional organisations, and international non-governmental organisations such as the World Bank IFC, play a key role in promoting and encouraging the application of IVS. They share a belief that international standards improve the transparency and stability of financial markets, contribute to the growth of stronger economies and lead to improved confidence for investors and users of valuation services.

“It's vitally important that globally recognised firms such as Mazars are part of any international effort to advance valuation professionalism. We are grateful to them for their support, which extends to a wealth of market knowledge that can inform the IVSC’s work, including in our collaboration with regulators and the end users of valuation professional services.”Alistair Darling, Chair of the IVSC Board of Trustees

“We are delighted to have become a sponsor of the IVSC and we look forward to working with the IVSC to help in the promotion of internationally accepted valuation standards and principles.” - Susann Ihlau, Global Head of valuation Mazars and Stephen Skeels, National Head of Valuations in the UK


About Mazars:

Mazars is an internationally integrated partnership, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. Operating in 89 countries and territories around the world, it draws on the expertise of 40,000 professionals – 24,000 in the Mazars integrated partnership and 16,000 via the Mazars North America Alliance - to assist clients at every stage in their development.