Among the members of the IVSC's Europe Board are three leading academics, all with vast experience in the field of business valuation.  Dr. Marc Broekema is a lecturer at Leiden University in the Netherlands; Dr. Olesya Perepechko is affiliated to The St Peterburg Polytechnic University in Russia; and Dr. Klaus Rabel teaches valuation as a Professor at the University of Graz, Austria.

Together, the board members are conducting research on the subject of business valuation, with a focus on understanding the perspectives of users of business valuations on the role of internationally recognised valuation standards.

"Valuations are seen as an important component in the financial system, as they are used for purposes impacting many areas of business such as company listings, mergers and acquisitions, funds and investments, financial reporting, auditing, business valuations, secured lending, regulatory compliance, taxation, litigation, insolvency and insurance.

This project aims to understand the effects of business valuation standards on the trustworthiness, quality, and consistency of business valuation reports and the valuation outcome of this. In the context of this survey, business valuation is defined as the process to determine the fair value of a business enterprise or an intangible asset by applying an income approach."  -
 Dr. Marc Broekema 
The scope of the study concerns the surveying of a selected group of senior finance executives such a CFO’s and (Group) finance directors, asset managers, investment managers, or bankers across the world within various industries, working for either listed firms or larger non-listed firms.
If you are interested in participating in the study, and you meet the criteria above, then the researchers would hugely appreciate your perspectives which will help in the development and adoption of business valuation standards, especially in those countries that have not yet adopted such standards.

The survey will take roughly 10 minutes to complete and your data will be treated anonymously.


Please click here to access the survey.