The Standards Board agreed this project in principle at its meeting in March 2012. A project brief was discussed and agreed at the June meeting. A working party of Board members was assigned to the project.

At the Board meeting in October 2012 the Board considered recomendations from the Working Group for various amendments to the General Standards aimed at clarifying the need to consider the sources of information that could be relied upon when settling the scope of work and undertaking the assignment, together with more explicit disclosure requirements when reporting. These were tentatively agreed by the Board. It was also agreed that the proposed amendments should be merged along with the general updates and clarifications being considered to the IVSs in 2013.

Associated Documents
Project Brief - August 2012

Working Group:

Frank Bollmann - chairman

Standards Board Vice Chairman

Thomas Boyle

Standards Board

Cindy Ma

Professional Board

Greg Forsythe

Professional Board

Project commenced June 2012.

Agreed to merge proposal with 2013 IVS updating and clarification project, with Exposure Draft expected in Q1 2013.

See 2013 IVS Updating and Clarifications Exposure Draft for detailed proposals.