The proposed replacement for the former GN12 that appeared in the 2010 exposure draft of the proposed new IVSs, IVS 303.04, was not approved for final release. The Board considered that there was potential confusion between the proposed standard, the real property standard and the business valuation standard and there was a need to reconsider the objective and status of IVSC’s pronouncements on this subject.

In March 2012 the Board agreed to prepare a Discussion Paper examining some of the valuation challenges arising from this type of property on which comments will be invited. The paper was approved for publication by the Board in July 2012, with comments invited by the end of October.

Only a few comment letters were received. The Board is considering these before decided its next steps.

Discussion Paper due Q3 2012.

Comment period expires 31 October 2012.

A Discussion Paper was released for public comment on 1 August 2012. Responses were requested by 31 October.

Discussion Paper - August 2012

View the comment letters here:

31-12-2012 005 R Huyler
31-12-2012 004 RICS
31-12-2012 003 Taylors
31-12-2012 002 Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
31-12-2012 001 Appraisal Institute