Advisory Forum

The Valuation Professional Organisations in membership of the IVSC are automatically members of the Advisory Forum. The Forum has two objectives:

  1. To provide the facility for Valuation Professional Organisation members of the IVSC to meet and discuss matters of common interest.
  2. To give professional Valuation Professional Organisation members an opportunity to provide advice and counsel to the IVSC Boards.

The Advisory Forum meets annually at the AGM and the working Group convenes three times a year to develop initiatives aimed at building collaboration amongst VPOs.

The working group is comprised of representatives of some of the VPO member organisations and acts on behalf of the Advisory Forum, leading engagement with VPOs and ensuring wider collaboration with the IVSC technical standards boards.


The following reflects the current membership of the Advisory Forum Working Group:

 Working Group  
Chairman - John Martin
Australian Property Institute
Igor Artemenkov Russian Society of Appraisers
Jack Beckwith American Society of Appraisers
David Bunton The Appraisal Foundation
KK Chiu Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
Neil Shah Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Leandro Escobar Torres Asociación Profesional de Sociadades de Valoración (ATASA)
Molefi Kubuzie South African Property Valuers Association
Karin Lusnic Slovenian Institute of Auditors
Chen Ming Hai China Appraisal Society
Leslie Sellers Appraisal Institute
Gilles de Courcel Fédération Française des Experts en Evaluation