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IVSC Asia Sponsors & Members

As the International Valuation Standards become increasingly well-established across Asia a number of organisations have offered initial funding to begin to support a staffed IVSC office in the region. The office, which is based in Singapore, provides greater coordination to the development and promulgation of international standards and valuation professionalism across all asset classes throughout the continent and globally.

The IVSC is grateful to the founding sponsors and members of the Asia office for their commitment to international standards and a robust and vibrant valuation profession in Asia.  Sponsor and member organisations share a belief that raising standards of international valuation practice will benefit business, strengthen financial markets and protect the public interest.

The launch of IVSC Asia marks the start of an important journey for IVSC in Asia and for all parts of the valuation profession. We are grateful to the many organisations that have already come forward to support this initiative and welcome others to join this collaborative effort with public interest at its core.

Nick TalbotIVSC Chief Executive

Founding Sponsors

IVSC Asia Members

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IVSC Asia launch - Wednesday 6 July, 2022

There are more than 200 member organisations
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