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Corporate Members

Membership of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is open to entities with an interest in valuation standards and which offer or procure valuation services to include but not be limited to: valuation professional services firms, accounting and valuation consulting firms, banks and lenders, legal firms, asset managers, corporates, and institutional investors.

Applicants should provide details of their legal structure and, where appropriate, place of registration, together with a brief description of the entity’s field of activity, and in particular, activities in fields related to valuation. The application must be accompanied by a statement explaining the motivation for the application.

Benefits of the membership


Membership is open to entities that:

  1. Promote the consistent application of high quality valuation practices worldwide, including the use of International Valuation Standards (IVS)
  2. Support convergence of national valuation standards with IVS
  3. Demonstrate financial and operational viability to continue to meet the obligations of membership including the payment of IVSC member dues
  4. Agree to meet the IVSC’s membership obligations.

Please read the Rights and Responsibilities of IVSC Membership before making your application.

Membership fees (from April 2024):

Corporate membership is based on both World Bank income classification and size of entity in revenue:

(includes inflationary increase on prior year fees)

Low income Lower middle income Upper middle income High income
Annual revenue is less than GBP £1.5m GBP £2,460 GBP £2,460 GBP £4,920 GBP £4,920
Annual revenue is greater than GBP £1.5m GBP £9,830 GBP £9,830 GBP £9,830 GBP £9.830

Online application

Organisation Type(Required)
Membership in IVSC requires a commitment to promote and where possible adopt the International Valuation Standards (IVS). Please answer the following questions:
Candidates for IVSC membership must demonstrate they have financial capacity for IVSC membership as well as their own internal operations.
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      Please tick the box below if your organisation would like to be marketed as an IVSC Asia participant. This will incur an additional 10% membership fee.
      We hereby apply for Membership of the International Valuation Standards Council and agree to meet the IVSC membership obligations, as laid out in the Appendix.
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      There are more than 200 member organisations
      of the IVSC, operating in 137 countries worldwide. Join them.

      Become part of a global network working to enhance valuation standards and professionalism.