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Valuation Professional Organisation (VPO)

Membership of the IVSC is open to valuation professional associations or institutes acknowledged, either by legal decree or general consensus, as being a national professional body with rights and responsibilities for the development of the valuation profession. In the case of general consensus, the organisation must demonstrate evidence that it has the support of government and the business community and is a body in good standing in the jurisdiction.

The organisation must be established as a not-for-profit organisation that sets minimum education and ethical standards for individual valuers and that upholds the public interest over those of individual members. An applicant organisation should provide a copy of its constitution or bylaws, and details of educational or other requirements stipulated to become a member, together with details of the current membership numbers and the principal valuation activities undertaken by its members.

In order to demonstrate that it is recognised by law as a body for training or accrediting individual valuers, or is recognised as such by market consensus within its state of domicile it should provide either evidence of the relevant statutes or otherwise provide examples of its recognition by references from major participants in the relevant market.

Benefits of the membership


An applicant that meets the criteria for full membership will be able to demonstrate:

  1. That it requires or actively encourages its members to adopt IVS in so far as is consistent with the law in the State or States in which they operate;
  2. That it has a policy of promoting the adoption and use of IVS within the markets in which its members operate;
  3. The existence of a suitable governance and operating structure to carry out its role and responsibilities including demonstrating integrity and exercising due diligence in the conduct of its activities (i.e. membership admissions process, quality assurance, etc.);
  4. Financial and operational viability to continue to meet the obligations of membership including the payment of IVSC member dues; and
  5. Support for IVSC objectives by contributing to or participating in IVSC’s professional standard-setting activities and by supporting the development and implementation of standards on professional conduct and practice.

In the case of an application received from a valuation organisation in a country which already has one or more member organisations, these organisations shall be informed of the application and their comments sought.

Please read the Rights and Responsibilities of IVSC Membership before making your application.

Membership fees (from April 2024):

Valuation Professional Organisation (VPO) membership is based on both World Bank income classification and the number of members in the organisation, according to the following:

(includes inflationary increase on prior year fees)

Low income Lower middle income Upper middle income High income
0-2,000 members GBP £460 GBP £915 GBP £2,280 GBP £4,540
2-4,000 members GBP £505 GBP £995 GBP £2,460 GBP £4,920
4-8,000 members GBP £995 GBP £2,460 GBP £4,920 GBP £9,830
Over 8,000 members GBP £1,035 GBP £2,580 GBP £5,150 GBP £10,290

Online application

Key individuals
Membership information
IVSC membership criteria require that an organisation be recognised either officially (eg, by legal decree) or by general consensus. Please provide answers to the following questions
What types of services do members of your organisation provide – please mark all those that apply(Required)
IVSC membership criteria require that the member body participate in or contribute to professional standard-setting. Accordingly, please describe the areas of professional standards (eg, valuation, ethics, education, etc) in which your organisation sets standards and the official recognition that is attached to those standards.
Candidates for IVSC membership should demonstrate that they use due diligence in admission and standards for professional conduct are applied to those members and others who have a professional title/ designation.
Membership in IVSC requires a commitment to promote and where possible adopt the International Valuation Standards (IVS). Please answer the following questions:
Candidates for IVSC membership must demonstrate that they have the financial strength to support their IVSC membership as well their own internal operations.
IVSC membership candidates must show evidence of the existence of an operating structure that will enable it to provide proper support and oversight of its membership. Please provide the following documentation. If submitted in the local language, please provide a brief English-language summary/description of the documentation.
  • A copy of the Constitution/Bylaws of the organisation;
  • Copies of key internal operating procedures;
  • A copy of your organisation’s Code of Ethics or similar documents that govern the professional conduct of your members.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.
    Please tick the box below if your organisation would like to be marketed as an IVSC Asia participant. This will incur an additional 10% membership fee.
    We hereby apply for Membership of the International Valuation Standards Council and agree to meet the IVSC membership obligations, as laid out in the Appendix.
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