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IVS Agenda Consultation 2024

IVS Agenda Consultation 2024

The IVSC has published its 2024 Agenda Consultation, aiming to shape the future of the International Valuation Standards (IVS). This triennial consultation invites stakeholders to provide their input on key valuation topics that are crucial for the ongoing development IVS.

The Agenda Consultation seeks to gather feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, including valuation practitioners, Valuation Professional Organisations, (VPOs), financial institutions, investors, academics, corporations, and regulators.

The consultation period is now open for 90 days, concluding on 9 October 2024. The IVSC encourages all interested parties to participate and share their insights. Feedback can be submitted by accessing the feedback form linked in the consultation document.


The Agenda Consultation document highlights several key themes for consideration:

  1. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): Recognising the growing importance of ESG factors in valuation, this topic explores how these elements impact valuation processes and the need for additional standards.
  2. Technology in Valuation: With rapid technological advancements affecting valuation practices, this theme focuses on the incorporation of technologies such as machine learning, data processing, and automated valuation models.
  3. Valuation Risk: Addressing the management of valuation risk, this theme emphasises the procedures and controls necessary to ensure that valuations are appropriate for their intended use.

The document also outlines, and seeks feedback on, additional topics that may be considered for future revisions of the IVS, ensuring that the standards remain relevant and comprehensive.

During the consultation period, interested parties can submit comments through the QR code and link provided within the consultation document.

Consultation Documents

Details of the proposed changes to IVS can be found in the following documents:

IVS Agenda Consultation 2024


Agenda Consultation Feedback Form


Consultation closes on 09 October 2024.

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