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IVSC Financial Instruments Invitation to Comment

IVSC Financial Instruments Invitation to Comment

The valuation of financial instruments has been an important and often controversial topic among valuation professionals, investors, prudential and securities regulators and the wider financial services industry over recent years. Financial Instruments valuation practice has continued to evolve and develop, primarily at banks and other financial institutions and in the auditing profession.

It is clear, however, that there is no effective set of international valuation practice standards for financial instruments that has been generally adopted. This has resulted in both inconsistent and sometimes low-quality valuation practices and, in recent years, concerns have been expressed by financial regulators and others about the quality and consistency of financial instrument valuation practice. The IVSC would like to address that gap in effective valuation practice standards for financial instruments, and has created the Financial Instruments Board.

The IVSC has published this agenda consultation to obtain stakeholder feedback regarding the approach the newly established Financial Instruments Board should take, and the prioritisation of that work. The consultation process for this IVS Financial Instruments Agenda consultation is now open. Accordingly, the Financial Instruments Board encourages participation within the 60-day consultation period ending 26 September 2019 from all individuals and organisations. The IVSC is committed to a fully open and collaborative consultation process. Thus, all comments received as part of the consultation process will be published on the IVSC website.

We look forward to your participation in the IVSC Financial Instruments Agenda Consultation and incorporating the views and recommendations from practitioners, valuation professional organisations, academics, investors, corporations and regulators, among others.



The IVSC invites feedback on all aspects of this Agenda Consultation, and in particular to the questions set out within.

We kindly request feedback by 26 September 2019 by emailing comments to: [email protected]

Reference: IVS Financial Instruments Agenda Consultation 2019

Financial Instruments Agenda Consultation


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